Releasing energy-efficiency potential

We blend decades of project-management experience of energy-saving upgrades with access to our network of accredited installers and energy qualified assessors.


Any advice we give is backed with awareness of aspects such as grants/funding, and installation timescale/disruption.

Listening to what our clients need

In any building there are bound to be aspects of the lighting, cooling, extraction, door or heating systems that are causing problems. Maybe these are not delivering what you need.

This can be: 

- from a maintenance viewpoint, maybe you inherited old unreliable equipment

- the cost of running is not in line with modern systems / models / methods

- not matching the current/future purpose of that building / area / room

Our first job is to understand the various functions of our clients' buildings.
Then we can help to plan any future upgrades to enhance the building to help:

- productivity

- energy-efficiency

- create a better experience for staff, students or visitors

- fulfill your organisation's goals in terms of sustainability 

Rustic Dining Hall

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