Case study for fully-installed "change-of-use" lighting and heating 

Planning the lighting before stock and staff arrived allowed electrical installation to be carried out in a safe, empty space.

Understanding the way our clients work in the building:
We visited to learn the flow of products and staff around the site. We learned that a conveyor would deliver the raw product to staff who carry out detailed inspection and assembly work. 

Before: Building had no existing lighting or heating

We surveyed the building to create a 3d computer model to allow us to show our client the lighting-effect.

We also tested lighting-effects:

  • estimating the light-level in the production area to ensure it would be sufficient

  • for energy-efficiency we wanted to restrict number of lights in transit areas 

  • checking whether shadows have been reduced by choice of lighting-type

Computer simulation testing LED light-levels.

Completed LED lighting and emergency lighting

Awaiting installation of gas radiant heating

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