Help tenants to see the potential of your buildings / units

For 20 years we've been touring buildings with commercial and industrial tenants, helping them to envisage the best way to run the site in an energy-saving, safe and efficient way. 

We can usually offer this informal advice free-of-charge. 

Garage Doors

Energy-efficiency is a bigger-than-ever selling-point

We know potential tenants want to know what energy their building is likely to consume.
But they also want to assess how this figure could be reduced by a few straightforward measures that they can arrange to be carried out...  and what the likely costs might be.

Being fully Carbon Trust Accredited means we've proven our level of knowledge of many energy-saving technologies including lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and extraction.

We can introduce you to the right upgrade-sources

The suppliers and installers we keep on our contact-lists meet our five-tests. This means they:

  • Are fully insured

  • Have sufficient years of experience

  • Show us that they are trained and qualified to the suitable level

  • Offer a warranty as good as the industry standard

  • Showed sound finances at their last annual-returns


They are also mainly professionals and companies we've worked alongside on previous projects and have witnessed their levels of client-care, paperwork and professionalism.​