Unlock the potential of your building


Through new advances in technology it is nearly always possible for us to help clients find ways to save energy.
If you have just bought the building early decisions can make a huge difference to the energy-efficiency and workflow of your organisation.  Energy At Work has twelve years proven history of helping clients to plan for the future.

Energy-saving actions can have a huge financial benefit.

We will be pleased to visit the building with you, even before you commit to purchasing it.  You might just want to use us as a free sounding-board and we're happy to make suggestions.

Air Duct

Energy efficiency

We know payback-time / ROI will influence any upgrades you're considering.
We can help you evaluate these figures.

This means you'll be in a better position to prioritise works and decide what to carry out prior to moving date.

As you'll own the building you'll have the option to carry out substantial upgrades to the building with long-term benefit to your operation and the potential future sale value. These might need detailed cost/benefit analysis.

Guiding your funding options

We help building-owners to access grants (some up to 80%!) and loans with appealing rates.
Leases are tax-efficient and get cheaper according to the value of the project.
We stay up-to-date with the latest ways to soften the capital costs of upgrades. 

Business Meeting
Layout for energy and productivity


Our qualified Industrial Designer is useful in helping to review the location of items like process-equipment, loading doors and racking to allow you to optimise the workflow while reducing needs for energy. For example siting all seated work in one area allows localised radiant heating instead of potentially needing to heat the entire space which can be very expensive and wasteful.

See our guides to saving heat in a building here.

People work better in better buildings

During our visit with you, we can discuss how your staff will need suitable heat, ventilation and light to work effectively. This of course means they can work faster and more accurately... 

..but it's also been shown that, for example, avoiding lighting that causes glare, flickers or causes walls to be in darkness can improve mood and vitality.

We think getting the work environment right can improve the levels of imagination, enthusiasm and client-care your staff can offer.