Making the building work for you

We know you'll need any energy-saving measures to show good payback within your period of tenancy.

We look forward to touring the building you're considering. 

Factory Floor with Two Workers

Energy efficiency

Just because you don't own the building, there are usually dozens of non-structural measures you can consider to reduce energy-wastage.

A few of these are:

  • Minimise the heat that escapes at loading-doors, through roofs and extraction-systems.

  • Fit lighting that's best light-output vs watts of power (as LEDs on sale vary wildly)

  • Adjustments, sensors or controls wherever you use energy (eg heat, light, cooling, doors)

  • Process equipment and compressors can benefit from upgrades or repairs (eg leakages)

  • Boilers / steam often benefit from better insulation and controls

  • Many sites suffer from voltage which is too high. There are often ways to save this energy.

  • Moving materials around the site has efficient options (ask us about hydrogen fuel-cell)

Get your building staff-ready

Many energy-saving measures also make the building more comfortable for staff.

These can include:

  • Fast loading-doors - reduces heat-loss and draughts for anyone nearby

  • Circulating air using fans avoids concentrated heat at mezzanine level

  • Positioning hot process-equipment in own ventilated space away from staff

Accounting Tasks
Funding doesn't have to be a barrier

Even if you need to buy expensive new plant or equipment, we can guide you to look at some methods that don't involve directors' assets, such as taking other assets like invoices or inventory into account.